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  2. Maintenance has been done to the project. Thanks for the support! Any questions, DM me.
  3. Ethan


    Hi, I'm a guy who enjoys playing video games as much as the next guy. I like to put my mind into a project and keep myself motivated to work on newer projects each day.
  4. Yeah, 2020 is a crazy year.
  5. Fixed many issues regarding new CS:GO restrictions. * Updated Loader Access Panel * CSGO has Website Support again * Fixed A few offsets Any questions, or comments or concerns hmu.
  6. - 9/1/20 - Fixed many issues regarding new CS:GO restrictions. * Updated Loader Access Panel * CSGO has Website Support again * Fixed A few offsets Should be playable right? LMK Uploading the new loader rn. ****************
  7. PincuKex

    Skin Changer Update

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  8. PincuKex

    Skin Changer Update

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  9. New update to CS:GO, working on a patch for their patch. Update: Fixed broken offsets for: nFallbackPaintKit nFallbackSeed nFallbackWear iEntityQuality OriginalOwnerXuidLow OriginalOwnerXuidHigh iAccountID Sorry about the delay, cheat is fully functional and working again, until next update. I'll try to see if I can get more content in an upcoming patch.
  10. Kraken just updated: Fixed crashing issues on the server-side.(outages) Aimbot improved with PullDown Spread compensator Optimized the aimbot A few known issues: Triggerbot's Hit Chance is not responding.. Hitscan is on (choosing all bones, avoiding all but one selected sorta) when Aimbotting... My own suggestions: Improve menu (Remove broken/unused features). Optimize the aimbot with final HvH compability Name Changer
  12. Welcome to KrakenHack 2020! I've been busy reevaluating KrakenHack CSGO late yesterday and I wasn't too thrilled. Honestly, I haven't been putting much effort into KrakenHack lately due to my job. As of now, I've quit my job. I'm now fully investing my time into Kraken 2020. What this means is you're going to see a lot more updates, features and feedback requests from myself and the staff here at Kraken. We're working to make Counter Strike Global Offense great again, so yesterday I took the initiative. I've fixed issues due to recent patches as well as improving some existing features. I thank you, the community for providing me the opportunity to succeed in this venture. We would like to hear from you what you expect us to provide with these new updates. Please feel free to suggest/request any new features that you need to see in the CSGO Hack that you've been waiting for. Updates on February 11th, 2020: Fixed 'Spread Pulldown' feature to work with aimbot as well as without aimbot. Fixed 'Skin Changer' not properly updating the skins during gameplay(Actively updates with weapon switches) Optimized underlying issues with the Client Resolved 1 potential crashing issue on the server side back end Fixed 'Spread Circle' Display for the cheat Working on 'Hitscan' circle fov similar to Team Fortress's aimbot registration. Fixed custom materials for chams Working on referral system for returning KrakenHack users There's a lot more planned that I'm not ready to discuss as of yet, but we're going to revamp the front page as well. The intention is to provide everyone a friendlier web experience as well as making the cheats we provide as best as possible. Furthermore, I believe there's plenty to improve on and today starts the new era of Hacking with Kraken. Once again thank you for your support, we wouldn't be here without the community. Our discord once again can be found here: KrakenHack Discord - Join us to make us great again!
  13. We've recently experienced an update to CS:GO. I managed to resolve the issues of crashes for loaders. Now you should have no issues playing regularly. Thank you for your patience, please re download your clients as soon as possible if you wish to receive the latest patches. We're also looking for more suggestions, if you want to give me incite to the next update feel free to direct message @Ethan for technical upgrades. For marketing assistance contact @hooligan ethan. We're going to start making CS:GO great again!
  14. wassup how you guys doing been a while since ive been on this cheat or forum lol
  15. Any updates opn this it's been a month now.
  16. Been busy honestly we need an update. I’m working on one as we speak actually.
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