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Just a few questions


Is krakenhack a better rage or legit, or is it good for both? If it's good for rage is it okay if I try to hvh one of you guys with a paste to make sure good?

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Both the legit and rage settings are very good. Kraken does not specialize in hvh nor being completely legit. It lies somewhere in the middle to the point where if you need if you need it to hvh with it, it can perform well, as well as being used legit and not being suspected.

Kraken also can be used effectively when griefing as it has a an anti kick. Which means in matchmaking it has a serious advantage against other hvh cheats as the one thing that they cant combat is player kicks.

Kraken is basically a Jack of all traits, and depending on how you use it, you can have a serious variety of advantages in one hack.

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