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    Quote from associated support ticket.
  2. Welcome to the kraken hack, if you have any feedback we’d be glad to hear itπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  3. king

    CS:GO Hack Show Case

    Nice video ethan #2, legit forgot that ppl play without custom fov πŸ˜„
  4. king

    Cheat Review

    Really nice video man, good showcase overall on what we provide, I might put this video on some of our pages to help ppl understand the cheat more. Thanks a lot for this video The only thing I’d recommend is having a lower ingame volume, the gun sounds were drowning out your voice a bit but it’s not that bad tbh.
  5. Our CS:GO Skin Changer is available on our store, this feature allows you to choose clientside skins for your weapons ingame, so forget having to purchase skins or worry about losing skins when changing accounts, we currently support all weapons and skins available, if you have the full version of our cheat you can configure your skins here in the skins tab, and if you have skin changer access you can configure here. Included in: CS:GO Full Cheat Access CS:GO Skin Changer Access Available Skins Work in progress
  6. king

    Skin Changer Update

    Hey Ya'll We've introduced a fully working skin system for CS:GO, and some of our customers were interested in having a stand-alone system for just having skins, so we created a separate product for that. Here's the information below. This update allows you to choose any skin for any weapon via our menu, with this being client-side, it should go without saying that only you can see these skin changes, and other players will not see these changes. New Product Menu Screenshot (may change in future)
  7. king

    Screenshot protection

    Using our skin changer system, custom fov and all hack settings (apart from skins) are hidden Left (actual screen) Right (steam screenshot)
  8. king

    pew pew

  9. king

    Kraken Teaser Video

    Settings/Software Adobe Premiere CC 2015 OBS Studio Bit-rate 7500kbps 1080p/30fps Kraken Glitch Video
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