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    Great cheat.

    Hi, my real name is Drew and I don't really care to share because it's a common name. And here's me review, because this the only place I can post Over time, most of my previous issues with the cheat was resolved and I love where this could be heading. This is also one of the best prices for a cheat that isn't a paste! The tf2 cheat is also pretty good, but more for casual rage (I own the cheat on citizenhack.me)
  2. Nein


    I've had a lot of crashes while in bot games (can't go on public server rn) and i was just wondering if that's a bug and if anyone else is currently having this happen to them
  3. Is krakenhack a better rage or legit, or is it good for both? If it's good for rage is it okay if I try to hvh one of you guys with a paste to make sure good?
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