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  1. Been busy honestly we need an update. I’m working on one as we speak actually.
  2. Ethan

    Skin Changer Update

    Updated the skin changer today to resolve some new bugs regarding the update that transpired recently. Also I managed to fix the disabled knife feature so now default knives are once again an option.
  3. Yeah, the spread and recoil are separate entities. So the norecoil prevents the jitter, however the spread is another matter entirely. Don't worry though, I'm sure sometime this week I'll get around to patching the nospread feature. Thanks for your continued support. I'll work on this as soon as possible!!
  4. Asuswalls are not included, however Thirdperson is included. That's actually a feature I'm looking forward to.
  5. Correct. Nospread is enabled for HVH servers afaik.
  6. No-Spread is not included since it was patched for Match Making. However, anti-recoil is indeed included. We're currently working on a spread pull-down system that acts like a nospread. We're actively updating the cheat so if there's any developments or breakthroughs we're open to suggestions.
  7. Yeah, the silent aim feature is included. Our site needs to be promptly updated. We also have a lot more unlisted features included, which occurs to me: we should have the info updated.
  8. Thank you Codeine, you've been a major help!! Keep the feedback coming bro.
  9. https://accgen.cathook.club/ Another resource for account creation.
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